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> PlayStation Classic: софтмод, Обсуждаем

post Понедельник, 15 апреля 2019, 14:05
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В основном "косметика", но кое-какой функционал добавили:

Release notes:
AutoBleem: Power button is now handled in correct way (it powers down the console) - Also it is locked when "in game" to prevent data corruption. It is still possible to power off with L2+R2 in the menu.
EvoUI: Added new functionality to select Jewel case borders, example borders are included in the build
EvoUI Updated theme engine for hybrid themes (themes for classic and evo)
AutoBleem: Ability to remove all covers from all games (Game Manager screen - Triangle) and rescan all the covers again (do not use that if you do not want to loose custom covers added from PC !!!)
AB Cover Editor: New tool in the AB platform to edit coverDB files (changing game metadata, update covers etc)
AutoBleem: Updated aergb theme, cleanup in "Options" screen, new special Evolution theme for this release
CoverDB: updated NTSC-U coverDB with high quality artwork (probably final version for this moment)
AutoBleem: Ability to delete unused Resume points
AutoBleem: PCSX configuration - redesign of game edit screen to have all most used options configurable like scanlines, frameskip, gpu_plugin etc.
AutoBleem: Quickboot enhacements (Quickboot to RetroArch/Retroboot)
AutoBleem: Support for ogg music in themes
AutoBleem: Support to override custom music and play whatever tune you want (ogg files) - one royalty free music file included - the famous "Alan Walker - Fade"
AutoBleem: All additional themes are now moved out of the package. They can be downloaded from a new web repository located This allows to reduce a package size and give users more flexibility in customizing their console. New themes and downloads will be published there
AutoBleem: Bugfix - resume points should now work on multidisc games properly

У меня Quake вылетает при загрузке в RA, хотя первое время вроде работал (это еще и на старом автоблиме было). Грешу на свои копания в настройках RA и подключенному через USB адаптер Dualshock 2. Может кто тоже его попробует запустить?

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