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> Американские магазины начинают отдавать, PlayStation Classic за бесценок

post Воскресенье, 27 января 2019, 22:30
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"Стоимость миниатюрной ретро-консоли PlayStation Classic в рекордные сроки упала с $99,99 до $59,99, но это не помогло торговым сетям распродать стартовые поставки. На этой неделе некоторые американские магазины пошли еще дальше - в ряде отделений Walmart за приставку от Sony начали просить всего $25.

Как уже сообщалось ранее, менеджеры торговых сетей заказывали к старту PlayStation Classic много устройств, ожидая такого же ажиотажа, как на запусках NES Mini и SNES Mini, однако его не последовало на фоне не самых радужных отзывов.

Sony не комментирует международные продажи PlayStation Classic. Известно, что в Японии система стартовала гораздо хуже NES Mini и SNES Mini." ©

-------------------- - открылся первый бобро по БОБРО в России.
Бобро, бобро, бобро, бобро, бобро!

Обнаружен бессмысленный вброс, пристегнуть ремни, включить аналитический склад ума, ждать ответного гудка.
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post Вторник, 05 марта 2019, 12:50
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Между тем PS Classic достигла того уровня эмуляции, когда она стала проще в пользовании и самое главное мощнее, чем Raspberry Pi 3B+:


PS Classic:
SOC: MediaTek MT8167A SoC processor
CPU: Quad-Core ARM Cortex A35 CPU @1.5GHz
Video: PowerVR GE8300 GPU
RAM: 1GB DDR3 RAM (1866MHz)
NAND: Samsung 16GB eMMC NAND memory

Raspberry Pi 3B+:
SOC: Broadcom BCM2837B0, Cortex-A53 (ARMv8) 64-bit SoC
CPU: 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
Video: VideoCore IV 3D.

More powerful than the Pi:

This should be pretty self explanatory, the SoC is just more powerful. The real question comes what can you do with that power that you can't with a pi. The answer? Dreamcast and PSP emulation. Both are still relatively early in development, but at least on the PSP side I was able to get every game I tried at full speed. Dreamcast isn't quite there yet, but is showing a lot of promise.

And yes, Autobleem/Bleemsync use a newer and more optimized PS1 emulator so it even does that much better.

Simpler to setup:

If all you're interested in is a box that plays PS1 titles then using Autobleem is about as simple as it gets. Format a USB stick to be fat32, then drag and drop the setup files and your ISOS/Compress PBPs and plug it in and turn it on. If you want to play anything else, you simply drop Retroarch onto the root of the stick and create another folder for your roms and boom! All set!

If you want to get fancy and add NTFS/exfat support (and in the near future usb otg support) you just install bleemsync and then go back to autobleem.

Faster bootup:

At least for me, I've never gotten my raspberry pi's to bootup into anything useful without almost a minute or more. Autobleem is up and running in the time it takes for the Sony PS1 bootup to complete. So maybe 15 seconds? I should have timed it.

Comes with 2 Controllers:

True, they aren't the best... but I got my system for $40 and they work fine for everything that doesn't require analogs, so most classic systems. For PSP and PS1 games that need the analogs, you can simply plug your DS3/4 into the system and you're good to go as well.

Some lingering concerns:

Right now there are a couple things you do need to still be aware of. The biggest being that USB sticks are mostly limited to 2.0. Not because of speed, but because 3.0 sticks tend to draw too much power even in 2.0 mode. The only solution to that right now is to use a powered USB hub, or mod the console. Soon the bleemsync devs plan on releasing OTG support which isn't power limited using the back microUSB port, but you'll likely still need an older USB flash drive to install the payload.

The second is that since all of the emulation cores are retroarch, you do have to deal with it's still very archaic UI and idiosyncrasies. If you're just interested in PS1 games you'll never have to worry about that though since it's all handled through the system's default UI.


If you're interested in a cheap emubox, this really is an all around great device and the best time to get into it. Aside from tossing in a USB flash drive of your choice, it's pretty much all in one and setup is quick and mostly painless.

Сообщение отредактировал dimm0505 - Вторник, 05 марта 2019, 12:55

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